Beware of Yahoo Answers

Is he really gay? REALLY?!

Is he really gay? REALLY?!

During the past few years, Yahoo Answers has been the go to place for stupid people with stupid questions. And consequently, it has been the go to place to laugh at said stupid people. The thing is, though, that’s not true. The Internet has been trolled.

Consider the following:

My 23 year old son “Harold” is a gay pornstar, however me and my wife have been assured by him that he is only “gay for pay” and is completely heterosexual. For one thing he is NEVER a bottom always uses a condom and only receives oral sex.

A few red flags. What son admits to his parents that he has gay sex — on film no less — yet is afraid to confess same-sex romantic feelings? Even more, which gay or straight son explains in gory detail the intricacies of his sex life?

Answer: none. We have been trolled. Anyone who seriously replies to this question has been trolled. Anyone who shares this URL has been trolled. Nobody is stupid enough ask this question unless they are looking for a certain response.

And, of course, the response is always the same — for any similar question. The aim is to get everyone to tsk tsk about the stupidity of Yahoo Answers. We inquire: “How can anyone ask such a stupid question?”

Yet nobody asks, “Why were we hoodwinked yet again by humble Yahoo Answers?” We won’t ask. We’re too clever for them.


2 responses to “Beware of Yahoo Answers

  1. I totally agree, when are people going to learn?

  2. gayhumility

    Check out “beware of yahoo answers” the video at

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