Review of the Stiletto 2

One day, I realized I needed new music. Problem is: where to find it? None of my friends share my taste in music. I hate local radio. And I tend to listen to music on the go.

So one day I asked Twitter, “What do you think of Sirius?” Taylor Mitchell from TSS-Radio was on the case and offered me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He offered a Stiletto 2 for review, and let me keep it if I like it. So will I keep it? Hell yeah! Let me explain.

It’s a Satellite Radio

This is what the Stiletto 2 does best — and for good reason. Satellite radio is clear, lacks static that comes with terrestrial radio, and offers affordable but premium service. If you’ve used satellite radio before, you know what to expect.

What makes the Stiletto 2 different is portability. You can listen to satellite radio when jogging — try doing that with most satellite receivers. Just be sure to be under clear blue sky.

My favourite feature of satellite radio is the ability to record songs you like. When Sirius means “record”, what they really mean is you can store the entire song on the Stiletto 2 for perpetuity. As soon as you hear it, you get to keep it for no extra fee. That beats Zune subscriptions any day.

Satellite radio is awesome, but you need clear blue sky

Satellite radio is awesome, but you need clear blue sky

It’s an Internet Radio

If you can’t access satellite radio, you can receive Sirius progamming through WiFi. The bitrate quality isn’t on par with satellite, but if you need your Howard Stern fix, it suffices.

Again, it is nice to have a portable device that accesses radio through Internet. I can’t carry a laptop around when I’m in the gym, nor is streaming internet radio from a tower convenient. Why not get radio direct from WiFi? That’s exactly what the Stiletto 2 does.

Unfortunately, you cannot record music off the Internet like you can off satellite. I assume the RIAA has something to do with this.

Internet radio is also great -- especially if you're using a dedicated portable device

Internet radio is also great -- especially if you're using a dedicated portable device

It’s an MP3 Player

As is, the Stiletto 2 has 2GB of onboard storage. However, a 16GB micro SD card can be inserted for total storage of 18GB. This gives the Stiletto 2 more storage capacity than a high end iPod Nano.

The Stiletto 2 is an excellent device for music. Like an iPod, its got a scroll wheel for easy navigation. Unlike an iPod, it can be used with a plethora of  music services like Yahoo! Music, Rhapsody, and Napster.

Here’s something other MP3 players cannot do: if you’re listening to Internet radio, you can mark a track for purchase at a later date. That makes for easy remembering.

The Stiletto 2 is compatible with Rhapsody

The Stiletto 2 is compatible with Rhapsody


3 1/2 stars is my rating for the Stiletto 2. It’s not the perfect music device but it fits my lifestyle and does what it’s supposed to do. My biggest criticism is the Stiletto 2’s inability to record music off Internet radio. One other minor quibble is that the Stiletto 2 needs clear blue sky to work well.

Should you buy it? Absolutely. And if you do, be sure to check out TSS-Radio because they have excellent service and treat their customers well. Also be sure to follow @TSSTaylor and @TSSMario on Twitter for excellent insight into the satellite radio industry.


7 responses to “Review of the Stiletto 2

  1. StickyButt

    Great job!!! Will be sharing with friends.

  2. Matt N

    Can you confirm that a 16 GB Micro SD card definately works with the Stiletto 2, and what brand of card do you use? I just replaced Stiletto 100 and excited about the additional storage.

    Thanks for info.

    • I’m using Samsung 32 GB SDHC card and it works great.

      SD storage max: 2GB
      SDHC storage range: 4GB to 32GB
      SDXC storage range: 64GB to 2TB

      I went by the above stats and 32GB worked fine. All devices manufactured around or after 2010 are SDHC compatible. All newer devices are SDXC and SDHC compatible. Since Stiletto 2 was manufactured between 2008-2012, it is SDHC as per the manual which also states 8GB card (which was max during that time).



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