This one time at BarCamp…

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My first BarCamp experience was amazing. It was open, inclusive, thought-provoking, and downright incredible. Basically, it was a big get together for hackers, coders, designers, marketers, and enthusiasts. There was no pre-ordained schedule, if you had a topic you wanted to discuss, you could discuss it.

The topics ranged from the deadly serious (internet privacy) to the not-so-serious-but-fun (record collecting). My greatest contribution was to the topic of online identity management — and why protecting your online handle is just as important as protecting your “real life” name. But that is for another post πŸ˜‰

But of course, the best part of BarCamp was the people. All the social media regulars were there like Miss604, but I also got to mingle with hackers and coders from isoHunt, Microsoft, and BCIT. There, I also learned how to get my HP Mini to run Snow Leopard — and that Mac OS X is actually more responsive on an Atom processor than Windows XP and Linux. Go figure!

Perhaps my best discovery at BarCamp was the Vancouver Hacker Space (check out their logo). From what I can tell, this cooperative is all about creativity. Their call a number get a URL project is fun, exciting, and promising. But the bigger question is: will they destroy the moon?

Will I attend again? Definitely. BarCamp was a refreshing perspective on tech and echoed the openness of net culture. Everyone who is interested computers, the Internet, and the future needs to attend BarCamp.

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